Trigger 75,000,000 Stun Gun Flashlight with Disable Pin - Black
The Trigger 75,000,000 volt stun gun flashlight with wrist strap disable pin by Safety Technology has a unique trigger design for easy operation and lifetime warranty. With a quick pull of the trigger, you can have an attacker begging for...
$24.99 $17.99
Pulse+ - Yellow
Pulse+ - Yellow
Personal safety has never been more complete with the TASER Pulse+ device. Weighing in at just 8 ounces, this high-tech, intuitively-designed device is revolutionizing the self-defense market and helping people go wherever they want with more confidence. Your Pulse+ has...
JOLT RhineStun Flashlight 75,000,000 - Black
We believe that self-defense should never go out of style. With that in mind, we are happy to introduce our stunning, new Jolt RhineStun Flashlight. It might look harmless but any bad guy that gets too close will quickly find out...
MultiGuard Stun Gun, Alarm, and Flashlight with Built in Charger - Zebra
Stand your ground with the MultiGuard Easily concealable and virtually undetectable in hand, the MultiGuard delivers super powered protection with cutting edge micro-technology. Featuring a super-loud siren to draw attention, you may defuse a dangerous situation before it begins! It...
$19.99 $13.98
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JOLT Tactical Stun Flashlight 75,000,000
If you’re looking for high quality, economically priced stun gun, the patented JOLT Tactical Stun Flashlight 75,000,000* is for you. It is made of military-grade aluminum alloy and packs the stun and flashlight power of larger devices into a unit...
$17.99 $12.98
Jolt 95,000,000* Tactical Flashlight
JOLT, the power of a lightning bolt! The JOLT Tactical 95,000,000* Stun Flashlight is made of military-grade aluminum alloy and is the perfect choice for those wanting a powerful stun gun flashlight at an economical price. At 9.5 inches long...
$28.99 $20.99
Combining the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun, the StrikeLight is a useful device for everyday civilian self-defense. The TASER StrikeLight stun flashlight makes the perfect addition to your glovebox or a discrete self-protection...
X2 Professional Series
The TASER X2 Professional Series provides double the capability you expect from a TASER self-defense device, as it comes fully equipped with an immediately available backup shot. Designed by law enforcement, for law enforcement, the X2 is legal for everyday civilians...
Taser Bolt 2 Energy Weapon
The TASER Bolt 2 energy weapon is the newest civilian self-defense device from public safety’s most trusted partner. Don’t let the discreet look fool you – the Bolt 2 can help you establish up to 15 feet of safety and...
Taser X2 2 - Pack Cartridges
Compatible with the TASER X2 Professional Series, the 2-Pack Cartridges are perfect to keep stocked alongside your TASER weapon. Each cartridge contains a primer, gas capsule, probes, serialized tags, and conductive wires for accurate firing.   FEATURES Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) - temporarily overrides...
Taser X1 Professional
The X1 is a strong addition to any civilian self-protection plan. It is the same innovative tool used and trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world. This means it can be effective against even the most aggressive assailants, or persons...
Taser CQ 7 Home Defense
The 7 CQ Home Defense, the most effective TASER weapon ever, is now available for civilians. The advanced performance of TASER 7 CQ makes for greater confidence in your personal protection and home defense. It is the same innovative tool...
Taser 2 - Pack Cartridges
TASER recommends you stock extra live cartridges so you are never without protection. They come in 2 pack containers and are handy when you need to replace depleted cartridges.  15 foot range DEVICE COMPATIBILITY TASER X26P TASER X26C TASER M26C ...
Strikelight 2
Developed by public safety’s most trusted partner, the TASER StrikeLight 2 provides industry-best stun-gun effectiveness in the form of a portable flashlight with three distinct light modes. Capable of close-contact stun and long-distance warnings, the StrikeLight 2 adds portability and...
$199.99 $169.98
2-Pack of Live Cartridges for TASER C2/Bolt/Pulse/Pulse+
Keep extra live cartridges stocked in case of depletion so you are never without protection with the 2-Pack of Live Cartridges for TASER C2/Bolt/Pulse/Pulse+. This two-pack of cartridges is compatible with TASER Bolt, Pulse+, or Pulse devices.  DEVICE COMPATIBILITY TASER C2 TASER...
Streetwise Guardian Stun Flashlight 31,000,000
The Guardian 31,000,000* Stun Gun Flashlight is a great flashlight for the security detail that features stun gun capabilities. The military-grade casing and heavy-duty design enable firm protection for your rough environment. Arm yourself with the Guardian Stun Flashlight 31,000,000 for your next day at work....
$24.99 $18.98

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