Fire Gone Extinguisher 16 oz Can
Fire Gone is a wonderful alternative to traditional fire extinguishers because the discharge time is much faster which helps reduce the of life and property. It is a trigger style aerosol that, once activated, releases a powerful foam blanket on...
$17.95 $16.99
Jolt 95,000,000* Tactical Flashlight
JOLT, the power of a lightning bolt! The JOLT Tactical 95,000,000* Stun Flashlight is made of military-grade aluminum alloy and is the perfect choice for those wanting a powerful stun gun flashlight at an economical price. At 9.5 inches long...
$28.99 $21.49
Mace Pepper Gun 2.0
10% OC pepper with UV dye. Up to 7 bursts. Power Stream pattern reaches up to 20 feet. Advanced delivery system. Comes with pepper cartridge. Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.5" refillable cartridges can be purchased at any Mace retailer.
$71.95 $49.99
Teknon Ankle Holster
These concealed carry, gun holsters are designed with a sturdy, non-slip material, so no matter where you put it, it won’t fall out of place and put you or your loved ones in danger. With the Teknon Concealed Carry Handgun...
Teknon Bedside Gun Holster
The Teknon Bedside Holster has been optimized for easy firearm access in a variety of environments. With multiple attachment points and options, you can use it in your office, locker, car, or home. The non-slip and compact design makes an...
M-FAK Resupply Kit
The M-FAK, North American Rescue's Mini First Aid Kit, was designed to be the most compact, multi-use IFAK for delivering immediate critical care for penetrating, blast or other traumatic injuries. The M-FAK Resupply Kit is a convenient way to ensure that...
Combining the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun, the StrikeLight is a useful device for everyday civilian self-defense. The TASER StrikeLight stun flashlight makes the perfect addition to your glovebox or a discrete self-protection...
Pulse+ - Yellow
Pulse+ - Yellow
Personal safety has never been more complete with the TASER Pulse+ device. Weighing in at just 8 ounces, this high-tech, intuitively-designed device is revolutionizing the self-defense market and helping people go wherever they want with more confidence. Your Pulse+ has...
Sentry Baton (26 in.)
The distinctive Strike Force grip of the Sentry Baton is complemented by a steel shaft and a black chrome finish. The Sentry Baton has a powder coated steel cap and aluminum base retaining clip to ensure that the baton performs...
$89.99 $72.99
ChildSafe1: Gun Trigger Block w/Dual Alarm
The statistics are chilling - every day over 20 children are wounded - or killed - in accidental shootings.  Safe 1 is both an alarm and trigger block that can prevent tampering, theft, or worse - a tragedy! If you’re a gun...
$69.99 $44.99
DoorJammer Door Jamming Tool
The DoorJammer is a new unique portable door security device for anyone needing privacy and security. It is an ideal solution for people traveling, working, or at home. The DoorJammer is a simple way to prevent unwanted intrusions into any room and provide peace...
Streetwise Loud Lock Padlock with Alarm
If you tamper with the LOUD LOCK, everyone will hear about it! The Loud Lock Padlock with Alarm is a hardened steel padlock with a built-in vibration sensor. If the lock is tampered with, it will emit an ear-piercing 115db alarm...
ESC Rescue Tool
Prepare for life’s unexpected emergencies. Designed for unobtrusive storage, keep it on hand for times of dire need. Whether the moment calls for breaking a window or cutting a seat belt, have the professional-grade ESC Rescue Tool on hand for...
$29.99 $19.99
CRKT Exitool
When Seconds Matter® - be prepared. Every driver has a concern about being trapped in a vehicle in an accident. First, there is the worry about being unable to release a seat belt because it is jammed or if the...
Streetwise Security Expandable Steel Baton
Around the world, police officers and security guards are switching from bulky night sticks to this more compact, telescopic steel baton. FEATURES Design: This high quality, eight-inch solid steel baton expands with a flick of the wrist.  Locking Feature: It locks into place with...

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