Streetwise Security My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain - Hot Pink
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Streetwise Security My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain - Hot Pink
I always feel safe when I'm carrying My Kitty! The Streetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain is made of unbreakable lightweight ABS plastic - this plastic is as strong as metal! It is very easy to carry. You can attach it...
$9.99 $7.98
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Tactical Pen / Glass breaker
At only 5.63"  in overall length, this Tactical Pen packs quite a punch.  The non-writing end of the pen can be used in an emergency as a glass breaker.  It also doubles as a self-defense tool and can be used...
$9.99 $8.98
Heart Attack Key Chain
Remember how the self-defense experts would tell you to place your keys between your fingers and punch? Now there is something much better and more effective. Carry the "Heart Attack" on your key chain and be ready to protect yourself...
$8.99 $4.98
Tactikey Self-Defense Key Cover - pink
Compatible with Kwikset house key only. Solution for those who don't want to carry a knife or other large devices like a Kubotan. Small, discreet, and non-threatening in appearance, providing the element of surprise in a defensive situation. Because it...
Victorinox Spartan with Pouch
Victorinox Spartan with Pouch FEATURES 3 1/2" closed. Features large blade; small blade; corkscrew; can opener with small screwdriver; bottle opener with screwdriver and wire stripper; reamer with sewing eye; toothpick; tweezers and keyring. Red handle. Includes black leather belt...
$34.99 $27.98
Vehicle Escape Tool & USB Charger Combo
This Smith and Wesson is a life-saving tool that can be used to free yourself or someone else in a life-threatening emergency situation.  The Vehicle Escape Tool is both a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker.  In addition, it provides daily...
$17.99 $15.99
Truss Multi Tool with Molle Sheath
Truss Multi Tool with Molle Sheath FEATURES 4.35" closed. 6.5" overall. Gray stainless handle. Tools include: Needle nose pliers, Pliers, Wire cutter, Serrated blade, Small blade, Scissors, Saw blade, Small screwdriver, Flat head screwdriver, Large screwdriver, Can opener, Bottle opener,...
$44.99 $39.98
TriTac EDC Tactical Pen
6.25" overall length. A Glass breaker and stainless folding blade housed in the  top of  the pen are ideal for emergency situations and self-defense.  The bolt action opening/closing mechanism allows for easy deployment of the blade.   The pocket clip allows for...
Survival Business Card
Survival business card multi tool that fits in your wallet with 11 functions.  Can Opener Knife Edge Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver Ruler Bottle Cap Opener 4 Position Wrench Wing nut Wrench Saw Blade Direction Ancillary Indicator 2 Position Wrench Keychain/Lanyard Hole  3 1/8 L...
$7.99 $4.98
Streetwise Security Stinger Self Defense Keychain
The Stinger Self-defense Keychain can be carried on your keychain for easy and quick access when you need to protect yourself. This lightweight device is non-metallic, which means you can bring it through metal detectors without a problem. Constructed of...
SPIKATA Aluminum Tactical Pen
This  tactical pen is 4 3/4" when closed with the Lancet end attachment.   The pen is  5" open with the cap screwed on the back.  The aluminum construction provides strength and durability with the pen still being lightweight.   The matte...
Safety Hammer with mount
Auto Escape Tool. 7" overall. Designed to help prevent automotive entrapment after an accident. Should power locks become disabled or a safety belt jam after an accident, the double-sided steel spiked hammer heads allow the vehicle occupant to shatter side...
Res-Q-Me Keychain Tool - Black
Res-Q-Me is a small versatile tool that can save your life and your family! This rescue tool is designed to break the side windows and cut through jammed seatbelts. The Res-Q-Me is intended to attach to your keychain so you...
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Mini-Tac MT-100 - Red
Mini-Tac MT-100 - Red
This 2 AAA Mini-TAC light uses a deep parabolic reflector creating a tight, long-throw beam for distance illumination.  With a water-resistant design, it is constructed from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a Type II hard anodized finish. The tail switch provides...
Linerlock with Tool Card
Blademate Linerlock FEATURES 4.75" (12.07cm) closed. 3.5" (8.89cm) black finish stainless blade. Black G10 handle. Thumb stud. Glass breaker. Lanyard hole. Pocket clip. Includes 3" x 2" stainless tool card with leather sleeve.
$19.99 $12.98

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