Police Force EZ Close Automatic Expandable Steel Baton
When you need to protect yourself, each second counts. That’s why you should count on the new Police Force 21 Inch EZ Close Automatic Expandable Steel Baton. When they want to use less-than-lethal force, police officers and security guards often reach...
$49.75 $39.99
Police Force Expandable Steel Baton
Around the world, police officers and security guards are switching from bulky night sticks to this more compact, telescopic Expandable Steel Baton FEATURES Designed with solid steel Locks into place with a flick of the wrist Rubberized handle helps you maintain...
Self Defense Kubotan Keychain - Purple
Carry the power of defense with you at all times. These kubotans are perfect for defense on the go and can give anyone that edge when faced with an attacker. Our kubotans are made from aluminum and are very strong,...
$9.99 $7.98
Self Defense Key Chain Two Prong Kubotan - Black
Grip your kubotan and get to protecting yourself. A great public safety tool, the kubotan has been around for generations. Starting in Japan and originated by the man who trained their police, this is a non-lethal defense tool that looks...
Police Force Next Generation Automatic Expandable Baton
Police Force Tactical is excited to introduce the Next Generation Automatic Expandable Steel Baton! You will love the improved automatic opening mechanism which enables the baton to instantly expand from 9.5” to 21” with just the touch of a button.  Once opened the baton locks...
Kubotan Keychain Hidden Knife - Purple
These kubotans are forged from aircraft aluminum and textured to provide a perfect grip. These are also compact, measuring out to 4 and a half inches overall. They are perfect for a customer's purse, pocket, belt, or keychain. The blades...
$12.99 $7.98
Streetwise Security Expandable Steel Baton
Around the world, police officers and security guards are switching from bulky night sticks to this more compact, telescopic steel baton. FEATURES Design: This high quality, eight-inch solid steel baton expands with a flick of the wrist.  Locking Feature: It locks into place with...
Streetwise Security Dark Knight Expandable Steel Baton
With the newly designed Dark Knight Expandable Metal Baton from Streetwise Security Products you can go out into any dark night with confidence. Like a knight from the dark ages protecting innocent people from criminals, the Dark Knight Baton stands...
$26.95 $24.99
Sold Out
Smith & Wesson 21 in. Lite Collapsible Baton
The Smith and Wesson SWAT 21 collapsible lite baton is easily carried and rapidly deployed into action with a quick flick of the wrist. This baton assist in self-defense by allowing you to deliver effective self-defense strikes with the added...
$54.99 $48.99
Sentry Baton (26 in.)
The distinctive Strike Force grip of the Sentry Baton is complemented by a steel shaft and a black chrome finish. The Sentry Baton has a powder coated steel cap and aluminum base retaining clip to ensure that the baton performs...
$89.99 $72.99
End Cap for Steel Batons
Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap for Steel Batons. Cap Only. Fits most batons due to standard thread size.  The cap is flat black and has a hole through it for a lanyard. Perfect for a pointed striking instrument; like what...
ASP Protector P21 Clip-On Baton
Each expandable design provides easily concealed striking power. These are easy carry batons with the world class striking potential of an ASP impact weapon. Each is fabricated using ASP materials and ASP manufacturing techniques. They are finished using ASP coatings. Each P...
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