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Sentry Baton (26 in.)

Clubs & Batons
$89.99 $72.99
The distinctive Strike Force grip of the Sentry Baton is complemented by a steel shaft and a black chrome finish. The Sentry Baton has a powder coated steel cap and aluminum base retaining clip to ensure that the baton performs when you need it. The Sentry Baton is also compatible with all ASP Logo, Grip, Leverage and Lanyard caps. The Sentry Baton can be carried  with ASP BreakAway, Nexus Baton Clips, and Tactical USB light attachments. Sentry Batons may be carried in a holder that attaches to your belt when not being hand held. The unique handle of the Sentry Baton provides a firm grip under the most adverse conditions. 
Sentry Baton (26 in.)
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