Safe-T-Shirt (Ballistic Plate Carrier w/Holst

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Designed by Streetwise Security Products, the Safe-T-Shirt (Ballistic Plate Carrier w/Holster) is the first compression shirt to combine dual ballistic plate carriers (front and back) with dual holsters (right and left). It is constructed of four-way stretch fabric (15% spandex and 85% polyester) which allows for maximum comfort and breathability without restricting movement. The shirt conforms to your body and keeps your gun easily accessible and secure. Nearly any standard-size handgun will fit snugly in the holster and can be carried confidently with or without the retention strap. With heavy-duty elastic holsters and a magazine pocket on both the right and left the other side can be used for a second handgun, handcuffs, phone, wallet, keys, music player, etc. The ballistic plate pouches are located in the front and back of the shirt and hold up to two 11” X 14” soft body armor (sold separately). When used as an undershirt both the body armor and a handgun can be worn discreetly.


Front and rear pouches for soft body armor (not included): strategically placed to protect the body's vital organs.

Dual integrated holsters: allow for nearly any size handgun to be kept on either side or for a second handgun.

Form-fitting four-way stretch: allows for maximum comfort and breathability without restricting movement.

Breathable material with moisture-wicking: removes perspiration to keep you comfortable even in the heat.

UV protection: Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.


    Ballistic Safe-T-Shirt

    Safe-T-Shirt (Ballistic Plate Carrier w/Holst
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